Are you feeling discomfort, anxiety or apathy and are you afraid of getting worse?
Do you feel frustration, disappointment, or too many demands on your environment?
Have you been a season with a lot of nerves or worries?
Do you have difficulties in your personal and / or professional relationships?
Do you want to know yourself better to take better care of you and yours?
Do you consider that it is time to take care of your mental and emotional well-being?

What do I do here?

ANXIETY · DEPRESSION · FEAR · INSECURITY · SELF-ESTEEM · FAMILY / PARTNER PROBLEMS · CONCERNS · UNCERTAINTY · LACK OF CONTROL · CHILDREN'S PROBLEMS · LACK OF COMMUNICATION · ASSERTIVITY · CONFLICTS You choose your way, I adapt to your needs If when you have physical pain, you do not hesitate to go to your specialist, why not do it when the discomfort is emotional or relational? Knowing how to ask for help in certain moments of our life is very important, and for that reason, you do the right thing if you consider starting a therapeutic process to improve your quality of life and restore your balance.
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